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If you would like to obtain an approximate calculation of how much Housing and/ or Council Tax benefit you may be entitled to, you can use this online Housing Benefit Calculator. This Calculator will give you an estimate of the amount of benefit you could be entitled to. However, please remember that the figures you receive from the Benefits Calculator are intended as a guide only, to the potential Housing and Council Tax Benefits you may receive. It should not be treated as an official calculation, notification or guarantee of the award of any amount of Housing or Council Tax Benefit.

This calculator can also give you an estimate for a range of other benefits which you may be entitled to. Just click on the section underlined to be taken to the website.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead does not maintain the Benefits Calculator site and therefore, neither the Royal Borough or the Benefits Service accepts any responsibility for the accuracy of the calculation(s) provided by the site, nor for any use to which they may be put.

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