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Submit A Plan

6 main benefits
Hard copy applications
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Electronic Application Submission

We are able to accept both application submissions and charge payments electronically.

Submit-a-Plan is a direct response from LABC to feedback from its clients and partners, it is a simple electronic application system.

Submit-a-Plan enables anyone, with access to the web, to submit a Building Regulation Full Plans application to us free of charge. It is the green option compared to printing and posting, helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Send in your next Full Plans Building Regulation application by visiting Submit-a-Plan.com website.

Making an application couldn't be simpler as it is both FREE and easily available on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need are electronic copies of your drawings.

6 Main Benefits

1. Free of charge to use.
2. Open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
3. No printing or postage required.
4. To register and submit applications is simple.
5. Applications can be managed and tracked on-line.
6. Reduces your carbon footprint

To submit a Full Plans application to RBWM Building Control Consultancy, why not register with Submit-a-Plan ? It is a quick, once only, easy and free registration process.

You can then complete your Full Plans Building Regulation application form, attach the relevant drawings and documents and then submit your application on-line.

The following link will take you to a dedicated area on the web site for you to submit your application to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

Link to Submit A Plan external site

However, before you do this for the first time, you are advised to read the Submit-a-Plan guidance notes available on the website.

Please note that at least one accurate dimension is required on the plans you submit, in order for the system to scale your application.

Hard Copy Applications

If you still wish to submit an application in hard copy, you may still download the relevant application forms and charges information, and submit your application in the usual way with hard copies of your drawings.


You will need to visit our Charges webpage for details on our current charges

Please note that the relevant correct charge will need to be paid before we can validate your application.

General Enquiries

It is also possible to submit electronic drawings and documents to Building Control Consultancy through its email address, either as part of an enquiry, or to supplement an existing application. Electronic documents should be sent in the first instance to our email address; building.control@rbwm.gov.uk. We will then ensure that the relevant case officer deals with your enquiry.

If you need any assistance with any issues, please contact any member of the Building Control team on 01628 796870.

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Submit Your Next Building Control Application On-Line

Our Customer Guide will help you to ensure that your next project is submitted successfully via our electronic application system

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