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Site Inspections

Please see our Key Inspection Plan to help your project run smoothyly and to help you satisfy the functional requirements of the Building Regulations.

RBWM Building Control Consultancy is here to help you. If you are in any doubt over Building Regulation requirements or require further information, please telephone, email or call into the Building Control Consultancy to see your area Building Control Surveyor.

Remember, work may be shown on building plans to be in accordance with the Building Regulations, but it is the work on site, which frequently departs from the approved drawings, that is required to be in conformity with the Building Regulations.

For this reason, we place great emphasis on the inspection process and our Customer Commitment is based on carrying out all statutory notification inspections. We also undertake to carry out additional non-statutory notification visits whenever possible e.g roof level.

If you are a developer, we believe that it is in your interest that first class inspections of your property take place. This will ensure that any faults found are corrected at that time, rather than costly problems occurring later.

If you are a building owner, we also believe that we are acting in your interest to ensure that you do not inherit any problems, by way of major defects becoming apparent later.

How can I contact you?

You may arrange site visits by any of the following means; either by direct dial telephone, 24 hour answerphone hotline, fax or email. If you request a visit before 10.00 am ( 09.30am for email requests ), we will endeavor to see your building work the same day (please note earlier time concerning email requests)

Tel : 01628 796870

Fax : 01628 796886

24 hour inspection hotline : 01628 796885

EMail : building.control@rbwm.gov.uk

Our Email Site Inspection Request Form is provided below, for you to complete and send in to arrange a site inspection.

We believe our response times are second to none, and because we have a good communication system, we are fully responsive to the needs of our customers. We regard this service as probably the most important that we undertake. If you feel that our performance is less than it should be our Building Control Consultancy Manager would be pleased to hear from you. Please refer to our Customer Feedback section for contact details.


Complete our Online Inspection Request form.

What do I need to do as owner?

It is essential that the Commencement and Completion Notices are given. You are recommended to take a personal involvement in the work by arranging to meet the builder and Building Control Surveyor together on site. This will ensure that any Building Regulation problems can be resolved before the builder leaves the site.

The purpose of these inspections is to establish that work complies with the Regulations, particularly work which is quickly covered up. Hence the need to give prior notice for inspection.

When the work is completed, please ensure that you notify the Building Control Surveyor, who will then arrange a final inspection of the work and issue a Completion Certificate. We recommend that any final payments to builders are only made after the Building Control Surveyor has carried out a satisfactory completion inspection.

Please note that Planning Permission may be required before work can start on site. Please check with our planning colleagues for help and advice on whether your proposals require consent.

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Site Inspections

Our Customer Guide 17 will help explain everything you need to know about the site inspection process.

EMail Site Inspection Requests

Requests for Building Control Inspections can be made by telephoning the Building Control Consultancy on 01628 796870. Alternatively, please download and complete the form below, then e-mail it to building.control@rbwm.gov.uk . To ensure we can undertake the inspection on the day requested, any email notice should be received by no later than 10.00a.m. on that day, Monday to Friday (excluding inspection requests for 'Drains backfilled and ready for test' and 'Final Completion' where the statutory notice periods of 5 days should be given). Any received after 10.00 am will carry over to the following working day.
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