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These web pages have been designed as a basic guide to the Building Regulations and how they work. It also aims to provide an insight to your local RBWM Building Control Consultancy service, which helps to maintain a safe and healthy environment in which to live and work.

Clearly building law can be complicated, hence a conscious effort has been made to simplify the process and reduce references to specific legal requirements to the minimum.

RBWM Building Control Consultancy regulates the construction of buildings, ensuring they meet the standards set out in the Building Regulations. The Building Regulations are supported by technical documents that set out acceptable standards to which buildings should be constructed. Building Control Consultancy ensures these standards are met, by providing advice and guidance, approving drawings and calculations as well as inspecting the work on site. The current edition of the regulations are ' The Building Regulations 2010 ( as amended ).

Since 1985, Local Authority Building Control has operated in competition with private sector Building Control Bodies to provide these services. Whilst since 1999, all service providers have been obliged to adhere to the ' Building Control Performance Standards ' document which lays down a suggested framework for the level of service provided by each service provider.

Only Local Authorities have powers to enforce contraventions of the Building Regulations.

We hope you find this web site useful.

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