Building Control: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are worried about the safety of a building, please contact us on: Tel: 01628 796870 Tel: 01753 853517 (out of hours)

Please also visit our Dangerous Structures web page.

  1. What are the Building Regulations?
  2. Is Planning Approval the same as Building Control Approval?
  3. What work is subject to Building Regulations?
  4. Why should I use Building Control?
  5. Are there penalties for contravening Building Regulations?
  6. How long does the Council have to take formal enforcement action for a contravention of the Building Regulations?
  7. What will the charges be?
  8. When can I start the work?
  9. Does the approval of plans permit me to build on or over the boundary onto my neighbour's property?
  10. Can you recommend a builder or tradesman?
  11. Is there any documentation I should keep?
  12. Who do I inform of a building I suspect to be unsafe?
  13. If I want to install or replace electric wiring and equipment, will the Building Regulations apply?
  14. If I have any Building Control problems who do I turn to?

Contact Information:

By telephone: 01628 796870

24 hour inspection hotline: 01628 796885

By Fax: 01628 796886

By email:

By post: Contact us

Web page: Building Control Home page

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