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Building Control Charges

How much does it cost to apply for Building Regulation Approval?

Our charge tables for applications submitted can downloaded below. Please note that there are now separate scheme charges which cover Domestic and Commercial projects. Domestic projects are covered under Tables A to D and Commercial Projects under Tables E to G. The Charge Calculators are available via the link to the right of the page if you would like to establish the fee payable.

For larger works and commercial projects not covered by the above Tables, or where more than one standard category applies please request a quote by emailing us at building.control@rbwm.gov.uk . Please include "request for building regulation charge" in the subject box and provide a brief summary of the proposed works. We will contact you within one working day to confirm the applicable charge or alternatively please call us direct on 01628 796870.

Full guidance on Charges can be obtained from our General Guide to Charges. This can be downloaded below and printed at your convenience.

Work for people with disabilities

In certain circumstances, where the work is solely for the benefit of people with disabilities, charges may not be payable. A "person with disabilities" means a person who is within any of the descriptions of persons to whom Section 29 (1) of the National Assistance Act 1948 applied, as that section was extended by virtue of Section 8(2) of the Mental Health Act 1959, but not taking into account amendments made to Section 29(1) by paragraph 11 of Schedule 13 of the Children Act 1989.

A certificate or letter is required from a health professional to this effect ( for example from a doctor or occupational therapist ) in support of an application for exemption from charges.

Please contact Building Control Consultancy for further information about the liability to pay charges on particular projects for people with disabilities.

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Regularisation Applications

Applications for the regularisation of previously completed building works are charged at the same rate as the Plan and Inspection Fee, however :-

  • VAT is NOT charged, but an individually determined charge will be calculated

Please contact us to confirm the fee payable based on the works carried out. For information on Regularisations, please see Customer Guide 4

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Replacement Windows and Doors

Charges for building works consisting only of the provision or replacement of windows, doors, rooflights, are charged either by the following :-

  • For a window replacement scheme on a single dwelling up to 20 windows, the Building Notice Charge will be £150.00
  • For a window replacement scheme on a single dwelling over 20 windows, the Building Notice Charge will be £185.00
  • For window replacement schemes in multiple dwelling schemes, the Building Notice Charge will be based on the estimated cost of the work

Please see our Customer Guide 14 for further information

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Building Control Charge Guidance

Building Control is a self financing service. Legislation requires us to set charges to recover our costs.

Unless the works are intended to provide certain facilities for disabled people, a charge is made by the Council. Furthermore, unless the correct payment is received, the application is not legally deposited and cannot be registered. Building works cannot commence until a valid application is accepted and registered.

Charges are payable for most types of Building Regulation application. The exact charge payable depends on the nature, type and size of the project. The extent and complexity of Building Regulation requirements and checks, both plan checking wise and through site inspections, increases with the size and nature of the project.

For a Full Plans application the charge is payable in two stages :-

  • The Plan Charge covers the cost of checking your application,and is payable when the application is submitted
  • The Inspection Charge covers the cost of all the inspections you ask us to make and is payable when the work starts on site.

The Charge payable for a Building Notice is paid in full when the Notice is submitted. The Charges for either a Full Plans or Building Notice application are not refundable if you decide subsequently not to proceed with the work.

Please Note: Agents should ensure that their clients are aware that an Inspection Charge will be invoiced when building work starts on site and how much that charge will be. Applicants should also be aware that a Completion Certificate for the works undertaken, will not be issued until the full Inspection Charge has been paid.

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How Can I Pay?

Charge payments may be made by either debit/credit cards, cash or cheques, made payable to Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Details on how to make Debit/Credit card payments are available at: www.rbwm.gov.uk/online_payments_service.htm. You will need to contact Building Control Consultancy on 01628 796870 to make this payment.
For your own security, please ensure that cash is not sent through the post. Applications may be sent or deposited with Building Control Consultancy during office hours at : Town Hall, St Ives Road, Maidenhead SL6 1RF.
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This charge table is for use for Domestic Projects submitted from 3rd December 2012.

Please refer to this scheme of charges for commercial projects submitted from 3rd December 2012.

Any queries relating to charges please email building.control@rbwm.gov.uk or call us direct on 01628 796870.

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