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Application Tracker

Welcome to the Building Control Solutions (Windsor and Maidenhead) on-line service that allows you to search our database.

This provides details of current and historical Building Regulation applications from 1987 onwards. Please note a search of applications submitted prior to 1987 can be obtained by contacting Building Control Consultancy.

You can track the progress of your current application as well as being able to undertake initial property searches by viewing the archive application information on a specific property within our database (1987 onwards). All you need to know is the application number e.g. 07/00001 or alternatively the property address. You may also carry out a search for a series of applications by street name.

When using the search facility, you should be aware of the following definitions:-


These are highlighted with an INV suffix. This indicates that the application is unregistered due to outstanding issues e.g. insufficient payment of respective charges.


These are highlighted with a suffix of IW. This indicates that an application under the Building Regulations has not been registered for works being carried out at a property.


Full Plans

PAS - A Full Plans application which has had the submitted plans checked and an approval notice issued.

CON - A Full Plans application which has had the submitted plans checked and an approval notice issued with conditions covering the receipt of additional information.

REJ - A Full Plans application which has had the submitted plans checked and a rejection notice issued with requested information still outstanding or a lack of information submitted.

Building Notice

ACC - A Building Notice application that has been accepted. However drawings are not necessarily submitted, a formal check and approval is therefore not issued.

Initial Notice

ACC - An Initial Notice that has been accepted from an Approved Inspector, confirming the development is being dealt with by them rather than the Local Authority Building Control Service.

REJ - An Initial Notice that has been rejected.


Please note that a completion inspection remains outstanding on the project if this field is empty. There may be additional costs and issues which need to be addressed to comply with the Building Regulations.

BCO - A completion inspection has been carried out for the project. Date Certificate Issued field will be completed where a completion certificate has been issued.

CLEAR - The application has been cleared for record purposes as a completion inspection has not been requested.

S32 - A revocation notice withdrawing approval has been issued, as notification of commencement has not been received within 3 years of the submission of the application. A new application will need to be submitted before any works commence on site.

Competent Persons Schemes

Notification from CP Schemes are received, although contact should be made with the relevant scheme provider to establish whether specific works have been self -certified and for any copies or certificates. This work may involve replacement windows, electrical works, cavity wall insulation and the installation of heating systems. An example of this application format is 11/NICEIC/00001.

Land Charge Searches

The on-line Building Control history should not be used as a substitute for carrying out a formal 'Land Charge Search' on the property concerned. There is a charge made for this service. No responsibility will be taken for any errors or omissions in the Building Control information obtained.

For further advice, information and access to our on-line application submission procedure, please visit http://www.rbwm.gov.uk/web/bc_consultancy.htm.

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