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New Address Registration Guide

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead act as the Street Naming and Numbering Authority under the Town Improvement Clauses Act 1847 section 64, and the Public Health Act 1925 sections 17-19.

Under these acts the local authority has the power to ensure that all streets and properties are correctly named and numbered.

The guide will apply to:

  • any new property either in a new street or as in-fill within an existing street.
  • any replacement property.
  • any new street (including courtyards or unadopted access roads serving blocks of flats/ maisonettes).

New Address Registration is required for the registration of single properties wishing to retain the same number/name as it previously did, following reconstruction before or after demolition.

Why Address Registration is important:

Many organisations including the Emergency Services and Royal Mail use this address data to locate specific properties. The data is also used by other organisations for the provision of certain services, such as credit checking, and insurance. Without the registration of a new or replacement property this can lead to problems with the provision of these services.
Therefore, the Council will only process new address requests that are submitted via the New Address Registration Form.

As from 6th October 2008 the Council introduced charging for Address Management. Please see the Schedule of Fees.

How to Register a New Address

Your Obligations

  1. Applicants are required to initiate the process. The Applicant should contact the authority as early as possible in the development process and certainly no later than eight weeks before the first occupancy.
    ** See additional notes below.

    The new address registration process is unable to commence without the following:

    • A valid completed and signed New Address Registration Form
    • The site layout plan, clearly indicating the plot numbers and the extent of each separate dwelling, office or business unit . Including the pedestrian and vehicular access, plus the level information if a multiple occupancy building. If the property is on a street that does not contain house numbers the developer must allocate a name.
    • The site location plan showing the location of the development.

    Soft copy site location and site layout plans are preferred. A3 is the maximum acceptable size of plans.

  2. The Applicant should email or post the completed application form, plus accompanying documentation. See the correspondence information below.
  3. The Applicant undertakes to inform the Council of any amendments to the site layout that are made subsequent to their original address registration application.
  4. It is the Applicant's responsibility to inform any purchaser of the allocated address of the property concerned. It is not the Council's duty to inform Royal Mail of the occupation status of the new development.
  5. The Applicant is responsible for providing satisfactory property and, where relevant, new street signage. When a property has been allocated a property name or number it must be displayed and be clearly visible from the street. If the property has been allocated a house number this number cannot be removed from the address and must be clearly displayed on the property. The owner is obliged to use this number.
  6. The Applicant is responsible for the ordering and erection of road names plates, to the specification required by the Borough Council. Nameplates are obtained from the Council's current approved supplier. Orders should be placed in good time and an allowance of at least six weeks for the delivery of signs from the manufacturer is advisable.
  7. An Applicant's failure to comply with the naming and numbering procedures can result in fines for failure to display the correct property numbers or names.

For further information on the supply or erection of road name plates see: Street Name Plate Specification, or contact Street Care on 01628 796801

RBWM Obligations

  1. We will acknowledge the receipt of your application.
  2. Check the property against their access to ensure that it is correct. Every property must be addressed off the street which provides it's access. Check to ensure that there are no duplications/ambiguities of addresses. This includes liaising with Royal Mail.
  3. Liaise with Royal Mail to ensure that the correct postcodes are being assigned.
  4. Liaise with the Ward and Parish Councillors in the provision of new street names in larger developments. Councillors have a right to refuse proposed street names and may suggest alternatives.
    The Council will inform you of any problems with any proposed street or property name.
  5. The Council will allocate property numbers to new developments. The numbering will be allocated to maintain a logical sequence (eg #13 is not omitted). An infill development on an existing, numbered street will include the addition of a suffix to the new property where no consecutive number can be allocated; eg 15A. 15B etc will be allocated.
  6. Once the consultation and registration process is successfully completed the Council will contact you with a copy of the site layout plan annotated with the agreed postal addresses.
  7. Ensure data is published to the National Land and Property Gazetteer, Royal Mail, Emergency Services, and internally within the Council to ensure the property can be located and services can be provided.
  8. Upon the completion of the application the Council will generate and send an invoice for the amount payable to process the application. The invoice will be charged against the Applicant details you supply on the form unless you specify otherwise.


Please submit all correspondence to:

Address Management
Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead
Town Hall, St Ives Road

Email: address.management@rbwm.gov.uk

Telephone: 01628 796487

Other Links

If you are the owner of an existing property and wish to apply to the council for a property name amendment please refer to the Address Amendment Guide.
If you have another query relating to your address please fill in an Address Query Form or email address.management@rbwm.gov.uk


The allocation of a postal address or address does not prejudice remove or abrogate the obligation to obtain Building Regulation approval , Planning Consent or Consent under any other Legislation in respect of the use, construction or alteration of the building or structure to which an address or addresses has been allocated. Failure to obtain such Consents, where required, risks enforcement action being implemented. Further it is the responsibility of the owner and or the occupier to ensure compliance with the legislation relating to Business Rates or Council Tax where appropriate.

Additional Notes:

Failure to complete, sign and return the forms in sufficient time before completion of the development may result in the disruption of services to the occupiers of units within the development. If you fail to respond to the Council's requests to complete this form, or fail to notify us with an acceptable reason for delay, the Council will undertake to number and name your development without further recourse to you and will inform you of the resulting addresses. This action may result in addresses being created that may not be in accordance with your wishes or the marketing of your unit(s). The Council will not be responsible for any costs or disruption to services so caused by exercising its statutory function. Costs incurred by the Council for this service will be invoiced to you and if not paid will be collected by normal process of law.

  • New Address Registration Form

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