How to get an Advantage card

The Advantage Card entitles you to over 200 discounts, plus Special Offers by email or online every month.

Blue Advantage CardYellow Advantage CardThere are two types of cards, Yellow Advantage Cards for Borough residents (RBWM council tax payers) are free of charge. Keep the same card and renew your subscription every two years. Blue Advantage Cards for non-residents and available for an annual fee.

How to get a Yellow Advantage Card:

Information required to get a card

Photo proof of ID, recent/in date, at your current address and proof of address (council tax, utility bill, bank statement). Apply in person at an issuing centre.


Children can get an Advantage Card as soon as they start being charged for leisure centre activities (e.g from 2 months old if using the creche at Windsor, or swimming from 3yrs).

Proof of address (Red medical book, Child Trust Fund letters, Vaccination reminder, bank savings account). Apply in person at an issuing centre.

  • Keep the same card and renew your subscription every two years with a recent proof of address. Can be renewed online or at an issuing centre
  • If you have lost your card, there is a £5 replacement fee and you need to get a new card from an issuing site.

How to get a Blue Advantage:

Adult £32.00
Family (2 adults, 3 children) £46.25
Junior £9.25
Over 60 / Disabled £8.00

If you work within the Royal Borough, there are 50% discounts on these fees if you and four of your colleagues wish to join the scheme. Blue non-resident cards do not cover free entry into Windsor Castle or car-parking discounts.

Our Advantage card issuing sites include:

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