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Person Details

DOBSON, Horace Charles


Name: Eton - WW1 (2) High Street, Eton
NIWM Ref: 7955
RBWM Ref: WM238
Name: Eton Wick and Boveney Eton Wick Road, Eton Wick
NIWM Ref: 7948
RBWM Ref: WM176

Person Details

Date of birth: 18/03/1889
Place of birth: Battersea
A.K.A: Charlie  
Gender: Male
Date of death: 15/07/1918
Place of death: East Leeds War Hospital
Manner of death: Died of disease
Age at death: 29
Cemetery Name: St John the Baptist, Eton Wick
CWGC Ref: 344006
TWGPP Ref: 2875024
Address: 63 Princeville Street Bradford
Address: 3 Gerrard Place Boveney

Military details

Joined: Enlisted-Bradford
Military Organisation: Army
Rank: Private
Service Number: 32908


Wife Alice Avery DOBSON
Father Edward DOBSON
Mother Agnes DOBSON

Additional information

Horace was transferred from the base hospital in Etaples, France to the Sherborne Group Red Cross Hospital in Dorset where he was diagosed with double optic neuritis. He stayed for 22 days before being transferred to the East Leeds War Hospital for an operation. It was found that Horace was suffering from a cerebal tumour. He spent 48 days in East Leeds War hospital dying on the 15th July 1918. Horace was buried in the north east part of the John the Baptist Churchyard, Eton Wick.
Young Horace was baptised at Battersea Christ Church in December 1889. Horace was employed as a Coach painter before the War.


Summary: Photo
There is a photo of his gravestone in Eton Wick churchyard on Buckinghamshire Remembers.

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