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BIEDERMANN, Harry Charles Ernest


Name: Maidenhead St. Ives Road, Maidenhead
NIWM Ref: 7882
RBWM Ref: WM119

Person Details

Place of birth: Eton
Gender: Male
Date of death: 10/08/1917
Place of death: Shot down at 7.40pm, Malassise-Ferme, France
Manner of death: Killed in action
Age at death: 28
CWGC Ref: 740858
TWGPP Ref: 2378979
Address: Estancia La Marion Volta Ranch Highway 188 General Villigas Province Buenos Aires

Military details

Joined: Volunteered
Military Organisation: Royal Flying Corps
Military Unit/Group: 57 Squadron,
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Joined: Volunteered
Military Organisation: Army
Rank: Troop Sergeant
Joined: Commissioned
Military Organisation: Army
Military Unit/Group: Queen's Own Oxforshire Hussars
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant



Additional information

Harry was shot down and killed whilst on a photo-reconnaisance flight in a de Havilland 5. He took off at 5.30 pm and was atacked by Vfw. O Koennecke of JAST 5 Squadron at 7.40 pm. He was Koennecke's 5th kill out of a total of 35. The German became a Fighter Ace and was one of five pilots to be awarded the Pour le Merite (Blue Max)
Harry attended Harrow School from 1902. He played cricket and racquetball from 1906 to 1907 and left in the spring of 1907.
Harry emigrated to Argentina where he was employed as a rancher at Estancia La Marion Volta. He left to join the army in October 1914.
2nd Lieutenant Biedermann, who was ranching in the Argentine, came over from South America on the outbreak of the War and joined the 3rd County of London Yeomanry as a Trooper in September 1914. He was sent to Egypt in April 1915 and from there to Gallipoli where he served throughout that campaign. On coming to England on leave his Colonel highly recommended him for a commission which he was given in the Oxfordshire Hussars. After serving for three months with this Regiment he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps and, having obtained his Pilots Certificate, was sent out to France in July 1917. Just a month later, on August 10th, he was reported missing and was never heard of again.
Harry Beidermann was awarded the Sir George Savage's Challenge Shield (Fencing) in 1911. It was issued by the London Epee Club to the F Grave's School of Arms team: E Biedermann - Captain (later killed as a 2nd Lieutenant and pilot in 57 Squadron Royal Flying Corps on 10.8.17), G Ames, C Anciaume, W C Hill. He won the medal again in 1913. The medal celebrates the sport of epee fencing in England. The Savage Shield is still awarded on an annual basis.


Summary: Cricket Almanac
He played Cricket for Argentina.

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