06/07/2012 06:30 PM (Desborough 4, Town Hall, Maidenhead) Local Access Forum - Agenda

Local Access Forum : 7th June 2012 Meeting

6:30pm Desborough Suite 2/3, Town Hall, Maidenhead

    1.Welcome, Apologies and Introductions(2 mins)Peter Thorn
    (a) Declarations of Interest(2 mins)All
    (b) Approval of Minutes – 13th Dec 2011(5 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    (c) Matters arising from last meetingmeetings_120607_Item 1_Appx E.pdfmeetings_120607_Item 1_Appx A.pdfmeetings_120607_Item 1_Appx B.pdfmeetings_120607_Item 1_Appx C.pdfmeetings_120607_Item 1_Appx D.pdf
    meetings_120607_Item 1 (Matters arising from last meeting).pdf
    (15 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    2.Members’ Update(10 mins)All
    3.Dog walking issues
    meetings_120607_Item 3 (Dog Walking Issues).pdfmeetings_120607_Item 3_Appx A (Dog Poo Fairy poster).pdfmeetings_120607_Item 3_Appx B (Dogs and Horses leaflet).pdf
    meetings_120607_Item 3_Appx C (Dogs Farm Animals poster).pdfmeetings_120607_Item 3 Appx D (HSE Advice).pdf
    (10 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    4.Bray Footpath 24 (part) diversion application consultation

    meetings_120607_Item 4 (Bray FP 24 diversion proposal).pdf
    (5 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    5.DEFRA Consultation: Improvements to the policy and legal framework for public rights of way

    meetings_120607_Item 5 (Appx A - DEFRA Consultation Paper).pdfmeetings_120607_Item 5 (DEFRA Consultation).pdf
    (10 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    6.Natural England consultation on the future management of National Trails from April 2013
    meetings_120607_Item 6 (National Trails consultation).pdfmeetings_120607_Item 6 (Appx A - NE Discussion Paper).pdf
    (10 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    7.Paths for communities(15 mins)Martin Gilchrist
    8.LAF Plans for the coming year

    meetings_120607_Item 8a (Annual Report).pdfmeetings_120607_Item 8a Appx A (Annual Report 2011-2012).pdfmeetings_120607_Item 8a (Appx B - NE Proforma).pdf
    (10 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    (a) LAF Annual Report 2011-2012
    (b) Work programme for the coming year
    9.Maidenhead Boundary Walk(5 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    10.Easy Going Routes(10 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    11.LAF Monitoring Items(15 mins)Andrew Fletcher
      (a) Millennium Walk
      (b) Volunteer works
      (c) Multi-use paths
      (d) LAF website & online forum

      meetings_120607_Item 11 (LAF Monitoring Items).pdfmeetings_120607_Item 11 Appx A - Vol Wks 2011-2012.xls
    12.Activities of the LAF Fast Response Team

    meetings_120607_Item 12 (LAF FRT activities).pdf
    (5 mins)Andrew Fletcher

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