12/06/2012 06:30 PM (Desborough 4, Town Hall, Maidenhead) Local Access Forum - Agenda

Local Access Forum : 6th December 2012 Meeting

6:30pm Desborough Suite 4, Town Hall, Maidenhead

    1Welcome, apologies and introductions(15 mins)Peter Thorn
    (a) Declarations of interestAll
    (b) Approval of Minutes – 7th June 2012Andrew Fletcher
    (c) Matters arising from last meeting
    meetings_121206_Item 1 (Matters arising).pdfmeetings_121206_Item 1 Appx A (LAF Working Group Response - DEFRA Consultation - Legal and Policy changes).pdf
    Andrew Fletcher
    2Membership update(5 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    3Members’ update(10 mins)All
    4Public rights of way and land management(20 mins)William Emmett
    5Milestones Statement and targets 2013/2014 consultation and analysis of the existing public rights of way network
    meetings_121206_Item 5 Appx A (Priorities Targets Service Standards).pdfmeetings_121206_Item 5 (Milestones Statement consultation).pdf
    (20 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    6Public rights of way booklet review
    meetings_121206_Item 6 Appx A (PROW Information Booklet).pdfmeetings_121206_Item 6 (PROW booklet).pdf
    (10 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    7Farming and ploughing leaflet
    meetings_121206_Item 7 Appx B (Hampshire CC ploughing leaflet).pdfmeetings_121206_Item 7 (Farming and ploughing leaflet).pdfmeetings_121206_Item 7 Appx A (Kent CC ploughing leaflet).pdf
    (15 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    8Devolution of public rights of way services to parishes
    meetings_121206_Item 8 (Devolution of Services to Parish Councils).pdfmeetings_121206_Item 8_Appx A (PRoW works- Parish offer).pdf
    (10 mins)Andrew Fletcher
    9LAF monitoring items(10 mins)Andrew Fletcher
      (a) Millennium Walk
      (b) Volunteer works
      (c) Multi-use paths
      (d) LAF website & online forum
      (e) Easy going routes
      meetings_121206_Item 9 Appx B (Revised Multi-use route).pdfmeetings_121206_Item 9 (LAF Monitoring Items).pdfmeetings_121206_Item 9 Appx A (Vol Wks 2012-2013).xls
    10Date of next meeting(2 min)Tanya Leftwich

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