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Please be advised that you are required to read the Special Collections webpage before completing this form to understand what can be collected via this online service.

Please note: that the pick up location cannot be amended once your request has been submitted. RBWM is unable to provide a refund in the event of customer cancellation.

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Special Collections are undertaken on a Tuesday with a maximum of 5 standard items, we will contact/write to advise you of your collection date.

Please be advised that crews do not enter properties including blocks of flats.

We will collect your item(s) from outside your property.
Please be advised that we do not collect any glass items. If you have a sideboard with glass doors, they would need to be removed from the unit before collection.
Collections from the back garden will not be possible if the only access route is through the property.
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Item(s) to be collected


CFC Collections (£28.00 per item)


Standard Item Price list:
1 x Item = £28
2 x Items = £33
3 x Items = 38
4 x Items = £43
5 x Items = £48
Please select which item(s) you would like to be collected. Upto a upto a maximum of 5 standard items.

Standard Items

Invoice Address (card holder address)

Please Note: Once you have completed all necessary fields, press 'Submit'. After you have submitted the form, confirmation of your submission will result in a reference number. Please make a note of the reference number shown on screen and use it if you need to contact us.

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