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Residents to be consulted about secondary education expansion - [2014-07-30]
The Royal Borough is seeking residents' views on how best to provide education in the borough as the secondary school age population increases. Projections of future pupil numbers suggest that more provision for children and young people of middle, upper and secondary school age will be needed from September 2017 onwards, with demand set to continue rising well into the 2020s.

Clewer North ward by-election result - [2014-07-25]
Clewer North voters have elected Wisdom Da Costa (Independent) to fill the ward vacancy on the borough council with 878 votes.

Maidenhead residents and workers reveal the entertainment mix they want. Views will influence future decisions on Desborough Suite - [2014-07-25]
The views of residents and workers who responded to a face-to-face survey on entertainment provision in Maidenhead town centre will have a direct influence on decisions regarding the refurbishment of the Desborough Suite in the Town Hall.

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